Types Of Wine Racks

The different types of wine racks

Wine racks are essential wine accessories. They are designed to display, store and entertain. Whether you have just bought a couple of solid wine bottles or have a growing wine collection, a wine rack is a must-have.

When shopping for a wine rack, you’ll be faced with a variety of wine rack designs, styles, and materials. To give you an idea of what you’ll find in the wine shop, we’ve put together a list of different wine rack types out there.

1. Materials


Wood is a traditional material for wine rack construction. It’s very workable and easily obtainable. Common types of wood used include Redwood, Mahogany, Cedar, Fir, Red Oak and Pine.


Plastic is a modern and versatile material for construction of designer wine racks. It comes in a wide range of shapes.


Another popular option for wine racks is metal. Metal pieces have greater variety and are perfect for both long- and short-term storage.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is resistant to staining and corrosion thus perfect for storing wine bottles. Stainless steel wine racks are suitable for humid spaces like kitchens.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron wine racks are durable, innovative in design and shape, and can store bottles safely.

2. Styles

Floor standing wine racks

Many wine collectors prefer the floor standing wine rack because it is sturdy and easy to set up. This rack can also hold a lot of bottles, and can be placed – and replaced – as and if needed.

Stackable wine racks

These modular racks take up less space, are easy to build and customize, and can be stacked up as your collection grows in size. Because of their simple design, these racks require virtually no installation and involve very minimal building. However, they aren’t permanent, beautiful and stable as other more advanced racks.

Tabletop wine racks

Designed for easy placement, convenience and display purposes, tabletop/countertop wine racks are a great option for casual wine collectors and drinkers. These racks hold fewer wine bottles than wall-mounted and floor racks, hence perfect for people living in smaller homes or apartments, where there is limited space to install a wine cellar or room.

Wall-mounted wine racks

An ideal way to conserve countertop or floor space in wine cellars and wine rooms is the wall-mounted wine rack. This storage option is sturdier and larger than table-top racks, and often modular, allowing you to continuously grow your collection. However, these racks are hard to assemble and install.

3. Designs

Big bottle

To accommodate large wine bottles like Magnums, big-bottle wine racks should be used. These racks are strong and sturdy enough to support the added weight.


The column design can be accomplished via wall-mounted and floor standing wine racks. Similarly, it can store a lot of bottles vertically.


Wine cubes are a small, versatile option for wine storage. This system can store any type of bottle and can be set up in multiple racks for extensive storage.


The wine holder design is a temporary and less formal storage option. This design enables direct sharing of wine while gathering with friends or dining with family.